Earn Bonus$ & enjoy exclusive promotions?

With our Rewards@SimplyWrapps apps you can!

Just download, activate and start scanning

Welcome to Rewards@SimplyWrapps!

It is a program where we reward you, our loyal customer, with Bonus$ for every dollar you have spent with us, as a sincere and practical way to say "Thank you".

  1. 1. Through Rewards@SimplyWrapps, we are able to cater more rewards and discounts for you!
  2. 2. Through our Simply Wrapps new mobile application, you will be able to recieve the latest updates/news on our new promotions, discounts and coupon give-aways.
  3. 3. Besides that, you now earn Bonus$ and use that to offset for the purchase of any items of your choice from our cafe!

The more bonus$ you have earned = the more rewards you can redeem. Please visit this T&Cs for detailed information.