Around the World

The founding members had spent collectively more than 50 years in the corporate world, traveling and living in different countries across the world, having a busy life-style always commuting and meeting people. They started as colleagues and then later become close family friends.

By chance, the 3 founding members landed an assignment together in the very exotic city of Dubai, UAE and that was the time when friendship was developed, dream was created, vision was planted and mission was set for a common interest they have been enjoying together, ie GOOD FOOD.

One major challenge they found while in their corporate lives was that while Corporation they worked for have very high demand of them in terms of energy and mental strength, they were not having proper nutritional food to keep them going. Especially for people who are always on the go with no time for a proper seat down meal, it become more difficult.

To keep the body healthy in order to handle the tremendous stress of daily work load, pollution in the air and fast moving environment, there is a need to have very balanced of intake of fiber, protein and vitamins as well as lot of varieties to make every meal interesting.

While the founding members where traveling extensively, they have experience different cuisines. The idea of putting all the goodness of different vegetables, protein and vitamins as well as best of the different cuisines into a wrap or salad bowl with healthy dressing complimented with a a cup of freshly cold pressed juice in an affordable and quick service approach came to their mind. They believe that Health and Tasty Food and Beverages should be made affordable and accessible to everyone. The rest is history.

Our Mission

Quick Serve Cafe with the highest stakeholders'-value franchise globally, delivering healthier, tastier and higher quality Wraps, Salad and beverages, providing service excellence, cleanliness and value, so that every customer in every of our Cafe will come back for more with a smile.

Brand Colour Identity

Our colors tells about the spirit of our products and services.

Green is refreshing, with a natural balance of cool and warm (blue and yellow) undertones (our products). It's a color of peace and ecology. It nourishes the body, mind and soul.

Purple C are youthful, fun and exciting (our attitude), while at the same time sensual and passionate without being too aggressive (our service). It make your day joyous.

Orange signifies fun and flamboyant and at the same time radiates warmth and energy (our environment).

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